Danette Creme Caramel, Egypt

Y&R Cairo – Danette launched a new product in Egypt: The creme caramel that you eat after turning the pack upside down so the caramel comes on top.

This commercial was aired in the Arab region and Iran then was adapted in Europe: Danone Greece and Hungary.
Senior Art Director: Sahar Malek / Director: Ali Ali / Production House: Melon films
– June 2011, Best ads on Tv –
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Danone Plain Yoghurt, Egypt

Y&R Cairo  – In Egypt, people mainly consume Yoghurt during the Ramadan Month, so we brought children to convince their parents to eat Yoghurt every day at night for a better health.
Senior art director: Sahar Malek / Director: Mariam Abou-Ouf / Production House: Melon films
– Danone worldwide advertising Appendix, spot of the month for Nov 2011 – 
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Danette, Egypt

Y&R Cairo – TV bumpers launching the multi-pack for the new toppers, that are a kind of smarties that we named “tchek tchek”.
Line in arabic: ” Danette tchek tchek, color your chocolate”
Senior Art Director/Copywriter: Sahar Malek / Production House: Melon Films

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